Question tags verbs

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Question tail/tag
Mostly we use question tags with request, command, proposal, or statement these sentences come with question tag forms… like…
Some semi negative also come with question tags (few little, hardily, scarcely, rarely, seldom)

How to use Question tags?
Negative question = positive tag
Positive question = negative tag
  • Don’t you love me? Do you?
  • Doesn't she like you? Does she?
  • Don’t they come here? Do they?
  • Let’s go to movie, shall we?
  • He is a good man, doesn't he?
  • He rarely talks to him, does he?
  • Few people daily come to listen his spiritual they? Are they?
  • She has a little boy with her, does she?
Subject of question should always be pronoun, never noun.

When question tags come with these words none, anyone, no one someone, everyone, everybody, anybody, nobody then the subject of question tag is always "he" ,"she" "they"... like
  • No one will support you. Will he / she / they?
  • Anyone can get success, cant she / cant they?
All of us, Some of us, None of us, Most of us ,One of us always comes with subject "we"
  • All of us will watch the movie, shall we not?
  • None of us has done it, have   ?
 All of you, some of you, some of them, none of them, one of them, most of them words come with subject "they"
  • Some of them were watching the movie, weren't’ they?
  • None of them were watching movie, were they?
Nothing, everything, something, anything come with subject “it”
  • Everything is fine, isn't it?
  • Nothing is fine, is it?
If there is a "I am" in subjective form "aren't I" or "M not I", or  if statement is negative then subject will be "am I".  like-
  • I am the only woman here, aren't I?
  • I am not your friend, am I?
 With “there” we use verb + there. like-
  • There is no good book, is there?
  • There is a good book, is not there?
With statement "need" or "needs" subject is "don’t" and "doesn't" for "used it" comes with "didn't"
  • you need a big house, don’t’ you?
  • She needs money doesn't she?
  • She used to drive her own car, didn't she?
In request it comes with “will” you
  • will you help me will you/ won’t you / will you?
  • Don’t do this to me, will you?
  • Let us now go for a walk, shall we?
  • Let them read here, will you?
  • Let them speak, will you?


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