Position & Degrees of Adjectives

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Rules OF Position the Adjectives .
There are two types to use Adjectives position.

Attributive use
– in this attributive use of adjective we place the adjective right before the noun. 
Like - (She is a nice)

Predicative Use
– (place the noun after noun and verb. (That girl is nice)
example of Attributive or predicative Adjective.
The blue see.
Sea is blue.

(1) Proper and qualitative adjective can used in both patterns.
Attributive –This is an Indian culture.
Predicative – This culture is Indian.
Att. – This is a nice song.
Perdi – This song is nice.

However some adjective are restricted to one position only
Some following adjectives can’t be used in Attributive form like-
She is asleep.
The Child is awake.
She is afraid of me.

(2) Some adjective can be used only after indefinite pronoun like
Somebody Important ,
Something Expensive ,
 Anything inters thing,
Nothing Special,

(3) If there are more than one adjective are qualifying one noun then it will be better to use those adjective after the noun like –
A woman,  beautiful, intelligent and brave.
I love all the things good and useful, colourful and beautiful.

(4) – If we are using an Adjective after any post then that adjective will occur after the noun like
Alexander the great,
Louis the Pious.

Adjective with Ordinal and cardinal numbers

If we occur to us both numbers ordinal or cardinal in our sentence then us ordinal first then Cardinal 
Cardinal (one, tow, three)
Ordinal (first, second, third)
I enjoyed the first two chapter of this book. 
The first three stanzas are edited very beautifully.

(5) – If you want to use numeral or possessive both adjective in your sentence then first place numeral adjective and then possessive. like
All my friends are going to Europe tour.
All his nears and dears were invited in the birth day party.

(6) – use “this, that, the” after numeral Adjective
All this is true.
All the guests have come.
I like both the books.
(7) - If more than one adjective are qualifying one noun, then use the basic nature close to noun.like
A dirty, ugly old woman.
A beautiful, arrogant young lady.

8) – Determiners/ Determinative –words that indicates a particular things (This that, those, my, yours)Determiners is always used before the noun like

This is my home.
That is your home.
You should help those needy people.

(9) – If you are using Article and adjective both in your sentence then place Adjective after the Article like –
He is a good man.
This is the best place.

Degrees of Adjectives

There are three degrees in adjective

Positive Degree
– This degree tell us about the specialty of noun not the degree of noun like –
The boy is good.
It doesn’t tell about the degree of adjective.

Comparative Degree
– Comparative degree describe about the higher or lower quality of the two things we use this adjective when there is a always a comparison between two things .Like
John is braver than Johnson.
She is taller than him.
They have more house than us.

Superlative Degree
– Superlative degree is used when we compare among the three person or things and when we talks about the last degree ,like if we say (he is the best) so best is the superlative degree here and this tell about the highest degree means no one is higher than him .

Absolute Superlative
- Some time there is no comparison we only describe a highest quality of ant thing with the help of most and we emphasis on the highest quality
That was a happiest day.

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