How to & where to use pronouns

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Some most useful pronouns
  • "It" – uses of “it” are for small animal,(bird, Cleat, Insects) We saw parrot there, it was green.
  • For inanimate things (home, table, chair)This is chair, it is very comfortable.
  • Use for small babies
     baby is so cute, it is my sister’s.
  • Refer to your earlier text you know what you are saying? knowing that it is false statement.
  • To emphasis the  subject
     It was he who came to me first.
  • Uncertain nominative for impersonal verb
    It rains, it snow.
  • To refer weather or time It’s 5 O’ clock., it is half past six .
Pronoun "This" mostly it becomes a big confusion that what to use between “it” or  “this” . .We can use"this" for real subject and "it" for inanimate subject . "it" is used  for weather , time ,place and "this" is used for real subject like name identity  and address of thing.
  • This is my point of view .
  • This  my hose.
  • This is cow.
  • This was she who first interested in the product.
  • This is 8 O’ clock.
Uses of relative pronoun
"Who"- who pronoun is used in nominative case, with mostly  “People”.
 it never use with animals or inanimate things
  • I don’t know who is calling me from the stadium.
  • He is the man who always helped me in need.
  • All the people who came there were eagerly waiting for the performance.
  • Those who speaks lie will never get my favour.
"Whom" – it comes with singular and plural both forms, comes with objective and accusative case like
  • The lady whom I met  is my dance teacher.
  • The students whom I taught dance are going to perform at national level.
"Which" – it comes with animals or inanimate things like
  • The table I saw yesterday have been sold.
  • The cow which is black is very gentle.
  • The house which has lots of windows is mine.
(In preposition case which is always come before the preposition)The post for which he is apply is permanently.
I remember the date on which he gave the biggest surprise of my life.

"Whose" – It comes  for human being and animals in  possessive case like
  • Whose car is this?   
  • The girl whose dress is red is very proud.
"That" –"That" is used for animate or inanimate things because "that" has no possessive or genitive case so we cant put the preposition before "that" , can put at the end of the sentence in that case we can leave the “that” .
  • I know the office that he is working at .
  • I guess the point that u want to tell us .
  • I want to go the place that you suggest me .
  • He has lost the values that his parents gave him.
(Better use of that)

(After superlatives)
  • This is the biggest truth that I want to tell to you .
  • He is the best magician that I ever met .
After (Nobody, like...same,any,none,nothing,only anything,somebody, no one)
  • It is only the fools that works in that way.
  •  He is the same guy that met me yesterday.
  • The only thing that I want is you.
  • What is it that keeps you so busy?
  • Who am I That expecting from you.
"But" – "But" is used as relative pronoun in the form it means “ who…..not” “ which…not"
  •  There is non but praise you a lot.
  • There is no problem but can be solved.
"What" – What is used without any antecedent .
  • What I told u is perfect.
  • He knows what you want to say.
"Such as"
  • My problem is same as yours Her problem is such as could be solved easily.


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