Definition of noun & type of noun

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Noun definition

A word used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things (common noun), or to name a particular thing, not only physical also for abstracting thing such as happiness, beauty. A noun can function as a subject,object,complement, appositive, or object of a preposition.

Type of noun 

  • Abstract Noun – An abstract noun is a name of any idea, relationships, love , courage, freedom, event, quality, that exist only in our mind,we can’t touch it by sense such as humanity,humour , cleverly.
  • Animate Noun – Person , animal, and other creature are called animate nouns such as (man , dog,chicken)Material objects like (stone,wood,table chair) are called inanimate noun.
  • Collective Noun – Group of things, people, and unit called collective nouns (crowd,staff,jury, family,flock,audience.
  • Common noun – Group of similar thing like (table , fans, chairs) are called common nouns.
  • Proper noun – Name of a particular person, thing ( John, Lily, Sydney  etc) called proper noun.
  • Compound noun – tow or more then two  combined nouns  are called combined noun ( Mother – in – law,army- man,fruit -juice)
  • Countable Noun – Noun that we can count called countable noun, it can be in both form singular as well as plural, these noun can be used with the numbers that can be counted like -( friends,numbers,girls,kids)
  • Uncountable noun – these nouns are used in singular they can’t be counted (water,coffee, sugar,butter) 


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