Definition & kind of Adjectives

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Adjectives are words that are used to describe about the noun like (what type of, how much, which , what kind ) in short adjectives gives the more information about the noun n object of our sentence and qualify the noun .
In the other sense adjectives gives the  answer of the hidden question that  comes in our mind like if we say he has books , automatically we think about, how much books , what type of  books  like- He has four books . (Four is Adjective here).
John has four books on subject Science. (“Science” or “four” are the Adjectives)
Kind of Adjectives –
Proper Adjectives – Adjectives which made from proper nouns are called proper Adjectives .that refers to particular person, thing or name, it explain directly something about noun like
Words in the bracket are the proper Adjectives
Chinese’s technology is the best in mobile (Chinese).
Indian culture is known in the whole world.(Indian)
German writer reached here. (German)
He attends the Russian opera.(Russian)
French wine is very nice in test.(French)
Descriptive or Qualitative Adjective –   These are the adjectives that describe about the Color, Size, Shape, Qualities, Disqualifies, like
Some great man sacrificed a lot for nation.
Girl in Red is a very beautiful girl
He likes the red color shoes.
I love that Pink bad sheet.
White color is liked by all of us.
Quantitative Adjectives – As name these Adjective always describe about the quantity, but it only tells about amount of quantity or weight of quantity,
These Adjective always use in singular number with uncountable noun, these adjective never use with plural number.
Quantitative Adjective are - No, none, some much , little, sufficient, enough, any , all, whole, half, less, a lot of, plenty of ,  a kilo , pound, a good deal of, a liter
This is all tea in the cup.
He has enough strength for his match competition
A liter milk is enough for our family.
We have sufficient oil to make our dish.
Don’t use the whole milk.
A kilo potato is needed for sandwich.
Numeral or numerical Adjectives – These adjective describe about the number , like One, two , three,  these  adjective always use  with countable numbers these adjective tell about definite number this is why it is called definite numerical adjective .like
One cup milk is enough for tea.
He has fore house.
I bought two bed sheets from the shop.
Three workers are angry with their owner.
Demonstrative Adjective – demonstrative Adjective are used to point out about the particular noun or describe the particular demonstrative pronoun
Commonly used Demonstrative Adjectives are – This, that any , such Some, those
This is my beg.
That is the house which I like most.
Those are the people who support me.
(B) – Indefinite Demonstrative Adjective - Any, such, some, some other, any other are indefinite demonstrative Adjective.
Distributive Adjective – Distributive Adjective is called that specify a particular object so that the object should be considered by itself like a separate space in the sentence this adjective describe about single group, person or thing ..
Distributive Adjective are –
Possessive Adjective – Possessive Adjective that is used for describe the possession, ownership, or relationship with noun .these possessive adjective must agree with the noun and it number gender possessive adjective are –
My, yours, its, our, their, his, her
This is my book.
This is their book.
This is his book.
Interrogative Adjective – Who, what, were, why, when, what are the interrogative adjectives. this adjective is used for ask question .
Following highlighted words are interrogative Adjectives.
Who did this?
How you did this?
When you did this?
What is the menu?
Emphasizing Adjective – Adjective that emphasize a particular point, or thing is called emphasize adjective like own, very are the emphasize adjective.
Following highlighted words are called emphasize Adjectives –
I saw him with my own eyes.
This is happening before my very eyes.
My own friend has done this.
She came this very day.
Exclamatory adjective – Exclamatory adjective make your wrinting more powerful , and it express your feeling , emotion, fact more clearly .
Following Words are exclamatory Adjectives


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