Apostrophe “s” with Noun

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Use Apostrophe “s” to change following figure in plural forms,
  • letters (a,b,c,d,etc) 
  • Numerical figures
  • Abbreviation and symbols
Such as—
  • Dot your “I”s and cut your “t”s.
  • It’s hard to understand your “ f”s and “ I”s, wright  your “ 3”s clear.
Make surname plural. like
  • Miss –Dissuja – the Miss Disuja
  •  Mrs. Smith -The Smiths
We also use apostrophe make possessive case . like
  • Add Apostrophe’s with singular Noun
  • Actor’s Drama, 
  • Lily’s Pen, 
  • the Doctor’s clinic’ 
  • the Lawyer ’s office,
Apostrophe “s” also comes with big animal 
  • Dog’s tail
  • elephant’s trunk 
  • horse’s color
Also use with personified objects……like…
  • Nature’s law, 
  • Fortune’s favor
Never use Apostrophe with  insects 

Use apostrophe “s” with kind of noun that tell us about time, place , distance and price such as
  • One’s day leave
  • at weeks and
  •  Month’s end  
  • at a yard’s distance
Use with phrase
  • At fingers’ tips
  • for heaven’s sake 
  • for goodness’s sake
Never use “ss”
  • This is john’s father’s house.
  • You can use here “of”
  • This is the house of john’s father.
Some nouns don’t need objects after apostrophe  ….such asChurch,
  •  School
  •  Shop
  •  house
  • I am student of oxford’s (here school is understood)
  • I have my dinner at my uncle’s (house is understood)
Exercise of possessive case
  • Johnson friend’s father is a professor. (wrong)
  • Father of John’s friend is a professor. (right)
  • I am on one day leave (wrong)
  • I am on one day’s leave.(right)
If there is a any hazing sound at the end of the noun then we put only sing (‘) won't use (s)
Such as
  • For justice’s sake, 
  • Conscience’s sake
In plural nouns also use  only sing (‘) don't use (s)
  • Boys' toy 
  • girls’ school
If the noun is in plural number but not with  letter "s" in that terms we can use the letter "s".like..
  • Men’s club, 
  • children’s book
If there is a two nouns are jointed then we use “s” with the last noun ..like..
  • Legouis and cazamian’s history of English literature
  • John and Paula grammar book.
We can use “s” with both noun if the  both nouns have there different meaning …like
  • Johnson and paul’s plays.
  • Lily’s and ketty’s houses.
"Of" in possessive case
Don’t use “s” for inanimate noun, the possessive case of these noun is made with “of” not with “s”
  • Lock of door (not door’s lock)
  • Les of the table (not tables’ leg)
  • Nib of the pen (not pen’s nib)
  • Cover of book (not book’s cover)
Also use “of” to make possessive case of small animal or insects. like…
  • Wings’ of butterfly
  •  legs of stag   
  When possessive case is qualified by any cause or phrase then we use “of” to make possessive.like..
  • These are the cloths of men who are sitting there.
  • The milk of cow which is black.
Some time double genitive is also used in some sentence, in these case we use “s” after the “of” and use possessive pronoun after “of”.like
  • This is a house of mine.
  • John is a friend of Paul’s.
Note – use "Of" before the possessive pronoun ,means a thing that is one from the many , never use "Of"for the only thing , otherwise the meaning will change completely.Like
  • This is a book of mine …(is right because this is one of your book)
If you say He is a father of mine,( means he is one of your many father.)
Use he is my father …
She is my sister.


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