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Speak I Want To See You !

- Thursday, 11 May 2017 No Comments

It takes three years to human kind  to learn to speak ... but it takes whole our life in learning what to speak

The way of our speaking, the way how do we talk to others that  reflects our personality, and according this we get respect or disrespect . People respect us if we talk smilingly, wisely or in a true and proper language. But if we talk to people, by falsehood, twisting and turning the  talks in bitter language, then we are absolutely going to be  humiliated, our personality could be counted in notorious figure.

We see Crow and cuckoo are the same in appearance, but unless the two speak, it is difficult to know them separately. Similarly unless someone does not talk, his goodness or evil does not appear. So if you have to speak then speak sweet like cuckoo, do not bitter like crows.
keep your words sweeter 
Here are two contexts about the way of talking . Please read them carefully and understand
Context - 1

"A person went to an astrologer to know about his future. Astrologer saw his horoscope and said,"All your relatives and your family will die soon and you will see the death of your family and You will be alone in this world"that person got very upset, and became very angry with the astrologer. He insulted the astrologer and went away.

Now that person went to another astrologer The other astrologer saw his horoscope and said - "Your age is very long. You will live long enough. You will also see the happiness of your grandchildren.You will see their marriage also."The person was very happy to hear this. He gave the astrologer enough fee and gladly returned from there.
There was a woman in a village. she used to sell honey. Besides the honey her voice was also as sweet as honey. Her way of speaking, the way she talks was so good .So there was always a crowd of buyers at her shop. A man with narrow minded noticed that a woman is earning so much profit by selling honey, he also started selling honey near her shop.
But the nature of that person was extremely intractable and hard. He used to talk to customers with bitter and shouting accent. He used to start to quarrel over something with customers. One day a customer asked to him is your honey is pure ?On this matter, the he burst out on the customer and said, "The person who himself is fake, he tells the goods of another to be fake and starts to quarrel with the customer, The client felt very bad and he returned from there without buying honey.

The same customer then approached the woman and asked the same question. The woman smiled and said when she herself is real, why would she sell fake honey? The customer was happy with the response of the woman and he took the honey.

In the first context, if you see, the thing was the same, just the way of talking of the two astrologers were different. One said the same thing in such a way that the person got angry, while the other said the same thing in a way that the person returned very happy.

In the second context you can see that two people are doing the same kind of work, but the manner in which they speak is different from each other, so people dislike the person who speaks bitterly and the sweet and smiling language is liked by all .

Many of these types of events we found in our home, with our relatives, and around us daily.Sometimes we make others laughing stuck without thinking, and we say such things to someone that hurts or create grieves. Like we make joke of our friends repeatedly  anywhere or in front of anyone.by saying "You are a big idiot, you are crazy, or we tease someone when they makes a mistake or if their work fails, we make  fun of their failure repeatedly without thinking .

In the same way, sometimes we give unnecessary scolding to our children,we often behave very badly with them, or if the children got fail in some exam, or if any work has been done by them , then we scold them very badly,or taunt them repeatedly or try to humiliate them by comparing them with another child, or we stop talking to them. But we don’t think that the effect of this can be so harmful, children can start hating us it can also effect their studies.

Similarly, while talking to our elders in the house, sometimes we talk in a loud or aggressive language that makes them feel very sad. A husband or wife repeatedly repeats one another's old mistakes, taunts or says something that seems very bad.

So friends there is only way to live in people's heart and mind is to keep care when you speak .. our language is the most strongest way to reach our destiny .  

Believe In Yourself !

- Friday, 5 May 2017 No Comments
There was a spider. It thought of making a great wweb tolive in comfortably and thought that there will be caught many insects, flies and I will get them trapped in this, and I will make them my diet and I will be having fun. It got one corner of the room and started to knit it there. After some time web got ready mostly half. Seeing this, the spider was very happy. suddenly it's eyes fell on a cat who was laughing at the sight of the web.

The spider got angry and said to the cat, "Why are you laughing?"
the cat asked,"why I do not do so?"

Don't you see there are no flies here. This place is absolutely clean, who will come here in your nets?"t he cat asked to spider.

and spider thought the cat is saying right . She thanked the cat for the good advice and left the web incomplete and started looking for another place. She again looked around and found a window and then began to knit the web for the second time . She was continued in weaving  the net, a bird came there and started making fun of the spider "Hey spider, you are so stupid."
"Why?", Spider asked.

The bird began to explain to her "Hey, here comes a strong wind from the window. Here you will fly with your webs. "
The spider  got worried with this , again she left the web incomplete and fly away from there . . Now she was thinking where it should be made and the time had passed a lot, and now he started feeling hungry. then she found a place near the opened door of a cupboard and she began to knit her web there.As she woven the web a little she saw a cockroach which was watching the web with a surprising sight.
Spider asked - 'Why are you looking like this?'cockroach said, "Hey, where are you weaving the web? It is a useless cupboard . Today It is lying here, it will be sold after a few days and all your efforts will be useless.

Hearing this, one more time the spider went away from there .
Now due to the repeated attempts, she became very tired and she did not have the strength to knit the web again . she was disturbed because of hunger.
and eventually  she was regretting that it was good to have weaving it beforehand. But now she can not do anything in this tired full situation.

When the spider thought that now nothing can happen, she was passing by, she saw a ant on the way and  spider was urging to help.
Ant said  "I have been looking at you for a long time, you start your work and leave it incomplete on other's advice . but always remember  those who do this who believe in others more then himself, he has to suffer with this condition."  ant said this and went out and left the spider regretting.

Friends! many times in our lives, something like this happens. We start work with a great deal of enthusiasm . In the beginning we feel very excited for that work, but due to the people's comments the enthusiasm is decreasing and we leave it in the middle of our work .
And when we find that we were very close to our success then there is nothing left except to regret later.

Today is the best day !

- Thursday, 4 May 2017 No Comments

Once a time a disciple used to show great respect to his master. The master also loved his disciple very much, but the disciple was very lazy was not good towards his study. He used to Trying to get away from self-realization And used to leave today's work for tomorrow. Now master was worried that his disciple will be defeated in the battle of life. According to the master, the idleness has the fullest ability to make a person indolent. Such a person have desires to get every thing without effort and labor. He can not make quick decisions and if he takes it then he can not implement it. Neither he is aware of its environment, nor he become able to get benefits form the opportunities provided by the fortune. 

He made a plan for the welfare of his disciple and giving him a piece of black stone in his hand, The master said, 'I am giving you this magical stone piece, and I am going to somewhere for two days. Remember Whatever iron item you will touch with it, it will turn that into gold. But remember that on the second day after sunset, I will take it back from you.

Disciple found this as a great opportunity and he was a delight. but  he spent his first day only in imagination that when he will get a lot of gold, he will be so happy, prosperous and be satisfied, he will have lots of servants that He will not even have to do work for even drinking the glass of water. so the day one has passed only in imagination. Then on the second day, it was well remembered that today is the second and the last day to get gold.

He firmly believed that today he will definitely take advantage of the black stone given by master. He decided that he would buy and bring big iron goods from the market and they would be turned into gold by the magical stone . The day passed, but he sat in the thought that there is a lot of time now, he can go to the to market whenever he wants. He thought I will go to the market after lunch . After eating he used to take rest , and he finally decided I ll go for work after to rest for a while . Was lost in the depths of laziness and his body got idle .and when he found it is about to sunset now he soon began rushing quickly towards the market, but on the way he met to the master, seeing him he got so hesitated and said to him I did not use the stone and the days passed out, please give me one more day to use it but the master did not agree and that disciple's dreams got shattered off to be a rich, but because of this incident disciple got to learn a great deal. He began to regret his laziness, he realized that laziness and idleness is an imprecation of his life. And he swore that from now he would never steal attention from work and will be a hard worker, alert and active person.

Friends, everyone gets an opportunity more than one in life, but many people lose them due to their laziness. That is why I want to say that if you want to be successful, happy, lucky, wealthy or great, then  you can have it by abandoning laziness and longevity. Develop qualities like discretion,hard work, and constant awareness, and whenever If you have the idea of avoiding the necessary work then say yourself - "today is the best day ."

Okayo the winner

- Tuesday, 2 May 2017 No Comments

Ten-year-old Okayo from a small town of Japan, was very fond of learning Judo. But he got his hand cut in an accident in childhood, so his parents did not allow him to learn judo. But as he was growing up his passion for judo was also growing with him.

Eventually the parents had to allow him and they took Okayo to a famous martial arts master of the nearby city.

When the master saw Okayo, he wondered , and thought why this boy without the left hand wants to learn judo?He said you do not have the left hand then how will you fight wit other boy."It's your job to tell this", Okayo replied I just know that I have to beat everyone and one day I will become "Sensei" (Master) "

The master got so impressed with his willful ability to learn and said, "Well, I will teach you but there is a condition, you will follow every of my instructions and you have to believe in it."
Okayo bowed his head in front of the master in agreement.

The master started teaching Judo to about fifty students together . Okayo was also learning there like other boys. But after a few days, he noticed that master is learning different Techniques t other boys but he is still practicing the same kick that he had learned at the very beginning. He did not kept patience and asked the master, "Master, you are teaching new things to the other boys, but I am still practicing just one kick. Should not I learn more things? "
master said, "You just need to get mastery this one kick" and he went ahead. Okayo was amazed but he had complete faith in his master and he again got engaged in practice.

The time passed and two years completed , but Okayo was practicing the same kick. Once again, Okayo was worrying and said to the master, "Will I still do this and the rest will continue to be proficient in all new techniques"master said, "Do you believe me or not ?if yes then,please continue your practice "
Okayo kept practicing the same kick for the next 6 years without asking any questions with following the master's command.

It was eight years for everyone have been learning Judo ,that one day master called all the disciples and said, "I have given the knowledge which I wanted to gave you and now according to the tradition of my institute the best disciple will be chosen through a competition and the one who will become the victorious in this competition  will be honored with the title of "Sensei", 

the Competition started.Master voiced Okayo to take part in his first match.

Wilma Rudolph

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wilma Rudolph was born in the poor family of tennesseee .at the age of four she was caught by pneumonia and fever due to that she became polio infected and she was advised to wear brace in her legs and according to her doctors now she can't walk anymore .

But her mother kept encouraging her by saying that still she can do everything with the strong determination or believe in god and his given ability in her .

And one day she said to her mother I want to be the fastest women in running .At the age of nine she throw off her brace and she made her first move forward, which the doctor told miracle . At the age of thirteen she took the part for the first time in race and became last with the big difference, after that she ran in her second third and fourth race and made place at the last .but she did not gave up and finally  the day came when she became first in the race 

At the age of 15, she got admitted to Tennessee State University, where she met a coach named Ad Temple. She said to the coach, "I want to be the fastest runner in this world."
Coach said "the passion you have in you  nobody can stop you and I am always here to support you." 

She was constantly practice to win and she won one day , the day came when wilma reached the Olympics .Where she had to compete with the finest athletes from all around the world. Utha hin was also the participate of this who was never been defeated .Wilma's first race was 100 meters. Wilma won the Gold Medal by defeating Utah. then competed with 200 meters, Wilma again left behind Utah and won his second gold medal. The third event was the 400 meter "Relay" race, in which the fastest running person is often run in the end. Wilma and Utah were also to run in the last from their teams. The race started, the first three athletes easily changed the Beton, but when Wilma's turn came, it got a little disturbed and the Beton was falling apart, Meanwhile, Utah went ahead, Wilma extended her speed without delay like a machine and was Running forward, at last she went ahead and won her third gold medal by defeating Utah. 

This day became history ! the woman who had ever been polio effected now has become the fastest runner of the world....

you are not an elephant

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A man was passing through then he saw few elephants were tide along by a rope on the road side he stopped and saw that elephants legs are tide with a very small rope. He got surprised that these huge bodies are just tided with a small rope in the place of the big strong iron chain. He thought that it is clear that elephants can break this rope with very small efforts and they can go anywhere where they want to go but they were not doing it even they all were standing at one place very calmly. Now he eagerly wanted to know why the Elephants are not doing this and he wanted to know the reason behind it. 

He asked to the mahout that how come these elephants are standing so calm and quiet at one place and why they are not making any efforts to escape?

the mahout  replied to him that, at a very small age they are started to tide with rope and at that small age they don't have enough power to break this bond . Despite of repeated attempts they cant break this rope . Then  gradually they convinced that they are not and never be able to break this bond . So they grow  up with this belief and always have this belief that they cant escape and finally they make  no more  attempts to break it ever.

The man got into a deep surprise that this powerful animal can't break this bond just because he believes in this matter. And he thought like the elephants how many of us are just the prisoners of our own created fake belief and we just assume our self  that we can't do this or that job anymore just because of our earlier failure  and we spent our whole life in our own created mantel  iron chain and we believe  that we cannot break it .
If you are too fastened with any kind of rope and you think you can't break it then you must break this rope and break it strong fully because you are not an elephant. 

If only one failure is stopping you to achieve your goals in life then you have to come out from your own created disbelief in success. We should remember that failure is a part of life it is not life and Continue efforts bring success only.

Put the glass down

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A professor started a class by holding a glass full of water , and he raised his hand and showed it to all the students and asked what do you think how much wight of this glass ?

'50gm ... .100gm ... 125gm' ... students responded.

Okay I can't tell the exact weight until I weight it he said, but my question is what if I keep holding this glass for a while? nothing students answer.
well what if I raised it for an hour? nothing students replied .sir your hand can get hurt . Said one student
yes you are right,well what if I hold this glass for a whole day?
your hand can become numb,your muscles can be aching and it can be a cause of paralysis you may have to go to hospital a student said and rest of the the class was laughing .

Very good ! but during this all did the weight of the glass changed ?professor asked.
No ! reply came combined .Then why the hand and muscles started to aching? While the wight of glass is still same .

Everyone got in to surprise. Then professor asked what should I do now to get rid of this pain? put the glass down a student said.

Very right said the professor life problems are also similar, if you keep them in your mind for a while you will feel everything is fine ,and if you think more about that it will hurt you and if you think about them for a long time you it will start to paralyze you and then you will not be able to do anything. 

It is necessary to think about the problems and challenges that come to our life but the more important is to keep them down when you go to sleep at the end of the day , only then you can wake up with freshness and new strength and you will be able to face any challenge that arise to you ...

Forget the bitter past

- Sunday, 23 April 2017 No Comments

As the class got over Puja reached at the teacher's room , teacher asked to Puja I have been noticing that these days you are sitting in class very quiet and lost, neither you talk to anyone nor you show any interest in anything and effect of this can be seen easily in your studies tell me what is the reason behind this comfortless in your life .

puja replied, sir I have a very bad past , I have seen so many unpleasant things in my life due to them I cannot concentrate on anything whenever I think of them . The teacher listened very carefully Puja and decided to bring back her to the right track again .teacher called her at his home on Sunday . puja arrived at the exact time at teacher's house .would you like to have lemon juice puja teacher asked ..
yes Puja replied hesitatingly while the teacher was preparing the lemon juice he deliberately put more salt and less sugar in quantity . After drinking one sip of juice puja made a strange face teacher asked , what happened didn't you like it ?

Actually it has more salt in taste , as Puja was keeping her point teacher stopped him in middle and said ohh no it's okay I must throw it is useless now the teacher took the glass to throw Puja stooped him and said no matter sir if the salt is more in it, if we add few more sugar in it then it will be alright .
This is what exactly I want to here from you , now you just compare your life with it , life is exactly the same we have bad experiences in life like more salt in the juice .

Now understand it carefully, to make a better taste we cannot take out the salt from it but to make it better we can add more sugar in it .life is just same we cannot separate the tragic events from our life as we can add sugar to make a better of juice same we have to add few more sweet and unforgettable moment in life to reduce older bitterness ans sorrowfulness of life . If you will keep crying for the bitter past neither you can make a good past nor the bright future . the teacher completed his task and made her understand Puja realized her mistake and decided to give a right track to her mind once again .

Friends often we keep watching for long at the closed doors due to this we can't even see the doors open for us and we find our self submerged in the ocean of sorrowfulness. Dear friends it is very necessary learn to forget our life's past bitterness and it's problems or our past mistakes , to give a new you turn to our life...