Improve Your Reading Skills

As we all know Practice makes us perfect, and this is the most ultimate thing you can do to increase your reading speed, just start reading and work on the weaker aspects of your reading skills. and once you master the basics you will be on your way to becoming a good reader
If yo believe you have some kind of problem, with your reading, here are a few of these potential problems. Lack of concentration can be a real problem ,concentration is an obvious problem for reading, This problem is one of the basic reading problems and is usually dealt with in most courses. Poor eye movement may cause some readers to shift their eyes to other directions and than go back to the book or paper to relocated the last point read.

Usually we start strong and begin to slow down aswe read on. This kind of problem typically creates a situation of going back to re-read some lines over and over again, or a need to read the same sentence a couple of times for lack of understanding or loosing the line of thought altogether.

How to improve Vocabulary

Having a strong vocabulary can solve your half of a  problem in speaking English language . strong vocabulary makes you able to communicate (speak and write) more clearly and concisely, people will understand you more easily,so always be ambitious for self improvement, and having a good vocabulary is one of the attributes of a well developed and accomplished person. There are different ways to expand your knowledge that how to expand your supply of words,article reviews few easy ways to improve your vocabulary and learn new word.

1. One of the most effective technique to build your vocabulary is to use the methods of  just  read read read and read the more you read the more your vocabulary will be strong ,reading is extremely effective reading  novels and literary works,magazines and newspapers is very useful to improve your word bank.Read more new words daily with looking up their definition in a dictionary.Keep a dictionary with you anytime ,whatever version you prefer see the new words in it with all the similar words phrases -- and their opposites (synonyms and antonyms, respectively) -- and learn the nuances among the words. Keep saving the history of your  words so that you can repeat them again and again so it could be  can fix in your memory for ever and also you'll be known that how many words u have in your dictionary. and how strong your vocabulary is becoming.